My Coaching Philosophy

As a sports communication major, I was asked to create a coaching philosophy as if I were a coach myself. Here it is. As a high school varsity ice hockey coach, it is my responsibility to enable athletes to reach their maximum potential. It is my role to guide them and help them achieve the … Continue reading My Coaching Philosophy


School Newspaper Article 2: Red Bandana Game (Published October 2016)

As Clemson (5-0) heads to Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts for a game against the Boston College Eagles (3-2), the team knows this will be a challenge. “They are well coached, fundamentally sound, disciplined, and exert great toughness” Coach Swinney noted in his press conference Tuesday morning. The Eagles are ranked number one for total defense, only … Continue reading School Newspaper Article 2: Red Bandana Game (Published October 2016)

Fan Aggression

Fan Aggression Violence is a part of North American sport. Since the era of Ancient Romans, sports have been platforms for athletes to showcase their physical strength, endurance, and skill in activities like chariot racing where violent actions against opponents are likely to occur. Spectators have also fed into this violent behavior, shouting and fighting … Continue reading Fan Aggression

The Modern Entanglement of Sports and Politics

Sport is a form of competitive physical activity that cannot be seen solely for entertainment. Since sport is a microcosm of society, it cannot escape the political ideologies reflected in society. Politics and sport are entangled when athletes and coaches voice their opinions and use their playing fields to raise awareness for causes they feel … Continue reading The Modern Entanglement of Sports and Politics