School Newspaper Article: Central Spirit

Clemson University is ranked as one of the most school spirited universities in the country. This school spirit stems from the campus organization, Central Spirit. This welcoming organization positively impacts everyone’s college experience at Clemson.

Central Spirit’s mission is to provide an energetic and passionate fan base for all division one athletic events. They paint their bodies for football games, create new cheers for the soccer games, and even celebrate individual and duo victories on the tennis court.

Members of Central Spirit paint windows of downtown stores and restaurants each week prior to game days and even the library for rivalry and championship games.

Central Spirit upholds the traditions of Clemson University by organizing the First Friday Parade, Spirit Week, waving flags during football and baseball games, and setting up balloons for the football games. The best 25 seconds in college football would not be the same without these members.

“My favorite part about being in Central Spirit is getting to be a part of Clemson’s amazing traditions with some of my favorite members of the Clemson Family. They make getting to the stadium at 8 a.m. (for a noon game) to do balloons for the best 25 seconds in college football worth it” Kaleigh Sandness, junior Sports Communication major noted.

Club members not only support the teams at home but also follow them to away games bringing Clemson Orange wherever they go. They cheer and send the teams off when they leave for road games, trailing behind them into a new city or state. They have also gone on many road trips as an entire organization to support the Clemson Tigers including Florida State and the University of Miami for football games and to Louisville for a weekend of baseball.

When they aren’t cheering on their classmates, they themselves are playing in their own league. Central Spirit members participate in intramural sports including flag football, basketball, soccer, and softball. This is an opportunity for club members to take a break from cheering and compete on their own fields as a team of their own. Whether they are cheering or playing, Central Spirit members leave their mark on Clemson athletics.

“Being a member of Central Spirit has given me some of my greatest friends and greatest memories. It has allowed me to do things I never thought I would, like spend a game on the field, go to the national championship, or become a student leader and plan events for all of campus. I’m so thankful for this part of my Clemson journey.”

The organization exemplifies the spirit of the Clemson Family from the love and support they give to the athletic programs and to the University as well.


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