School Newspaper Article 2: Red Bandana Game (Published October 2016)

As Clemson (5-0) heads to Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts for a game against the Boston College Eagles (3-2), the team knows this will be a challenge.

“They are well coached, fundamentally sound, disciplined, and exert great toughness” Coach Swinney noted in his press conference Tuesday morning.

The Eagles are ranked number one for total defense, only allowing 3.52 yards per play and have home advantage in their matchup against the number three ranked Clemson Tigers.

“We want to win the division and Boston College is in the way.”

Swinney won his first game as head coach against the Eagles in 2008 and will return to Alumni Stadium this Friday.

This game is not just another game for the Eagles. The team will be honoring the life of Welles Crowther, a former Boston College lacrosse player for his heroic actions in the South Tower during the attacks on September 11th, 2001.

At six years old, Crowther’s father handed him a red bandana. Crowther held on to this bandana, wearing it under his lacrosse helmet and carrying it in his pocket wherever he went.

He was the epitome of a teammate, a leader, a man who puts everyone above himself.

Following the attacks on September 11th, 2001, survivors published stories about the man who saved their lives: the man in the red bandana. After finding the stairs of the 78th floor and leading people down to firefighters, he returned back to the 78th floor to help more people, never hesitating for a moment.

Head Coach of the Eagles, Steve Addazio noted that this is a game to “celebrate his selflessness” and one of their toughest of the season.

In the inaugural Red Bandana Game, Boston College upset the number nine ranked Southern California 37-31.

The Eagles will carry this emotional weight on their backs as the team plans to wear cleats, gloves, and other decals with this red bandana pattern.

This story is motivation enough for the Eagles to challenge Deshaun Watson and his high-powered offense. Coach Swinney knows this is and preparing his team for the challenge ahead.

When asked about the story, Coach Swinney remarked “unbelievable. One of the most inspirational stories I’ve ever seen or heard about… brought me to my knees…It’s a real honor to be able to play in a game like this.”

The New England area is already buzzing with the return of Tom Brady to the Patriots and the Red Sox in the playoffs. The Red Bandana Game will act as the kick off of an exciting sports weekend in Boston.


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