To My Not-So-Little Brother

To my not-so-little little brother.

Hi Kenny. I know you think this is just a dorky letter and what not but hear me out. I wanted to take a minute to tell you of how proud I am of you and all you have accomplished. From succeeding in hockey, school, and life in general, I truly could not be prouder. You’re in a movie for crying out loud; how could I not be proud of that (and a little jealous). I’ve loved watching you grow up into the person you are and I’m glad I’ve been by your side through it all.

Being away at college has made me miss you in ways that you couldn’t even imagine. I miss driving to all of your hockey games and joking around about how bad you played (sieve, sieve), even when we both know you rarely have an off game. I miss watching you get ready for school dances and can’t imagine not being there when you walk down promenade this spring. I miss not being there to drive you and your friends around wherever you wanted to go. I miss knocking on my bedroom wall in code and always having you respond right back. I miss fighting over who was paying for breakfast every morning on the way to school and miss running into school trying not to be late all the time. I miss arguing and bribing each other to clean the bathroom or our rooms. I miss having you one room away and I miss you making fun of me at the dinner table.

I know that when I come home you will no longer need me as much as you once did. You have your license now and can drive wherever you please. You have more knowledge than I do and you don’t need me to edit your papers anymore. By the way your grade last year wasn’t my fault. I edited grammar not substance and you know what I’m talking about. You don’t need me for advice on girls and relationships anymore because we all know you should be the one giving me advice on relationships at this point. You have your own friend group now who you can go to and talk about your problems with and you don’t need me anymore. I can’t wait to see your hard work come into fruition in the next couple of years. I can’t wait for you to financially support me when I’m broke and you’re living in three different houses.

Even though you don’t need me anymore, know that I am always here. I am always going to be the first person to defend you and the last person to call it quits. I am always going to be a phone call away, a drive away, or in the next room. I am always going to call you my little brother even if you are taller than me and dress like a Ralph Lauren model (because I know you’re “above” Vineyard Vines now). I am always going to take the blame for everything when I am home because mom and dad jump to conclusions. I am always going to be the person to come pick you up if you need me.

Thanks for always being a royal pain in the ass and driving me up a wall. Thanks for always making fun of me and refusing to laugh at my jokes even when I know they are funny. Thanks for being the one to always bring me down to earth when my ego gets the best of me and for lifting me up on days I get discouraged. Thanks for being my best friend. Love you.



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