Yes I Know Sports

I feel this is an entirely unnecessary post, but unfortunately in today’s society, I’ve got to throw it out there.

I know sports. Do not ask me to name every single team that has won a Stanley Cup and in order. Do not ask me who was the quarterback of the Green Bay Packers in 1927. The answer is Red Dunn, but as you figured, I looked that one up because  frankly I wasn’t even alive then, and neither were you. I know more than people assume I know and I care more than people assume I care.

I have been an athlete my whole life, from being forced to play soccer in a town league where my dad was the coach, to learning how to skate practically before I could walk on my own. (Figuratively speaking obviously. Seriously, if you couldn’t catch that joke you have no sense of good humor.)

I grew up going to Bruins games, Red Sox games, Boston College hockey and basketball games, watching my dad passionately yell at our TV everytime the Steelers made a mistake, and I grew up loving the world of sports entirely from these experiences. I was a three sport varsity captain in high school; field hockey, ice hockey, and softball, and am still active on the Clemson Club Field Hockey team, and potentially the Club Tennis team this coming spring depending on how my tennis class goes.

I work for the Clemson Athletic Video Department doing more work than you could imagine. Ever watch the Video Board (jumbo-tron) during a Clemson football game? Yeah I uploaded those videos on there.

I’m a Sports Communication major because I care about the world of sports and want female athletes to be recognized for their athletic abilities and achievements just as male athletes are. I want to live in a world where young girls have more to look forward to as an athlete than having just their outfits and hair talked about on television.

I want to be a color analyst for the sport I know most, which is ice hockey. I want to do something that matters to someone else and I want people to see my passion through everything I do.

So here is a useless post for me but I hope you never feel the need to challenge my credibility. I am open to challenges and different opinions on the content of my work, but never on my knowledge of these posts.


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