Story Time

I think the perfect way to introduce myself is by telling you a little story. Now this story is both hilarious and horrifying, seeing how perfectly it sums up my life. Here it goes.

Spending Sunday nights watching America’s Funniest Home Videos, I know my experience tops every one. November 11, 2011 marks the day I innocently entered my school’s weight room to run on the treadmill.

side note: Since it was 11/11/11, you’d think this would be my lucky day right? Okay back to the story

With my scrawny chicken legs and arms, my freshman self entered a nightmare admidst my high school’s most attractive and athletic boys: members of the football, basketball, and hockey teams. Struggling to be noticed, I took this opportunity to sprint on the treadmill, flaunt my athleticism, and impress these upperclassmen boys.

As heads began to turn, I realized my plan was working, but I’ve never been one to have good luck.

In desperate need of a rest and the chance to wipe the sweat from my face, I hopped off the treadmill, standing on it’s edges as the rubber mat continued to move. My luck was running dry as the genius I thought I was hopped back on the level 9-speed death trap.

Instantly I lost my footing. I clutched the handle bar, fearing letting go, as I flopped like a fish and my knees and legs shredding.

All eyes were on me, not quite the attention I was looking for, and my fight was plummeting for the worst. I let go and consequently shot back smack into the senior football captain. With legs dripping with blood, I regained by composure and what was left of my dignity and got back on the treadmill, brushing off the incident as best as I could.

So this story marks a lesson I learned early on in high school. I entered the school as a little freshman eager to be noticed. The treadmill stands as a lasting reminder of who I started out as five years ago and how face down on the weight room floor I was able to learn that there was no need to try and impress upperclassman, or anyone for that matter. Knowing that I can look back and laugh at myself, I have gained so much more self confidence because I’m no longer desperate to impress everyone around me; I can just go out and be me.


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