$40 Boston Budget

So you’re broke but you want to spend a day in Boston. Absolutely not a problem. I spent an entire day in the city with my friend Molly on a tight budget, only spending $40 on transportation and food (because who can really go a whole day without food?).

Ashley tip number 1: Never, never, ever take your own car into the city unless you absolutely need it. Traffic sucks and the drivers are even worse (myself included). There are plenty of locations to park your car and access the T, or subway for amateurs. Purchasing a $12 Charlie Card will grant you access from any stop on the red, orange, green, and blue lines for the day.

So here goes my six-hour trip into Boston!

I took my own advice for once and parked by car in Melrose and bought the $12 Charlie Card. Now $12 could’ve bought me a full meal at Dunkin Donuts or a diner or any cheap and quick restaurant so this had to be money well spent or I wouldn’t have done it.

We hop on the orange line inbound to Copley Square. Copley Square is the location of beautiful ice sculptures on New Years Eve so we went looking for them. There were no ice sculptures out yet so we opted for the Boston Public Library instead. The building is pretty ordinary aside from its massive size from the outside, but truly breathtaking from the inside. As you can imagine there are plenty of books in this library, along with a beautifully designed courtyard in the center. Since there was no time for reading in my itinerary for the day, we were off to the next stop.


**Side Note: The infamous Tipton Hotel from Disney Channel’s Suite Life of Zack and Cody is actually the exterior of the Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel**

Not recognizing that there was no need to hop back onto the T, we took the T back to Beacon Hill to stroll through the Boston Common and watch people skate on the Frog Pond located in the center of the park. Living on Beacon Hill is the ultimate “goal” in life as you can see from these pictures. My mom told me to marry rich if I want to live there, but I’m going to get there myself.


Realizing we were both incredibly starving we walked back through the Boston Common and made our way onto Newbury Street, the street most noted for its variety of high retail shops and restaurants. We went to Paparazzi and that’s where I broke the bank spending nearly $25 dollars. We tipped pretty high but the boy was cute so it’s all-okay.

Our last stop was a T ride over to government center. We walked through the new Winter Wonderland display and laughed at how long the line was to ice skate because neither of us have the patience for that. After wandering through there we made our way to the Christmas tree in Quincy Market, home to the infamous Faneuil Hall. Just like the tree in Rockefeller Center in New York, you can’t just walk right by it.


Realizing it was getting late and we had run out of money from our broke college kid fund, we took the T back home.

So that was a really long way of explaining what you can do in Boston for under $40 dollars!


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